North Marion High School CTE

Career and Technical Education is very important to North Marion High School.  Currently, we support six programs of study (Ag, Business, Construction, Culinary, Information Communication Technology, and Manufacturing), six part- or full-time CTE teachers, and almost 50 different CTE classes.  It means that almost 80% of our students complete more than one CTE course during their four years on campus.  We also have many students completing multiple pathways of CTE coursework that enable them to receive special recognition on their diploma, transcripts and at graduation when they complete six or more courses within a given pathway.  For more information on pathway coursework and programs of study, please feel free to contact the following teachers directly:
Ag Tricia Stoddard
Business Wade Murray/Kelly Ioane
Construction/Woodworking Sherie Moran
Culinary Dawn Marbury
Information Communication Tech Sherie Moran
Manufacturing/Engineering JR Rogers / Sherie Moran
Visit North Marion High School’s website HERE.
~ Sherie Moran

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