McMinnville HS – Engineer Aerospace Science Academy

McMinnville High School – Engineer Aerospace Science Academy

The EASA program is constructed on the reality that skill or academic knowledge alone is no longer sufficient for surviving and thriving in a 21st century world and economy. In response, the EASA approach is to provide a program where students can learn how they will use the academic content by applying that learning in simulations, real projects, and problems. Students will have the opportunity to discover relationships among math, science, communications, and technology, as well as build skills with design, sketching, and working in teams.  Our program is currently housed within the Evergreen Space Museum, allowing us access to their valuable displays and docents. Our students attend math, science, and two engineering courses on the Evergreen campus.

You’re invited, On May 12th, we will be holding our annual Engineering Fair.  Our students will showcase what they have learned throughout the year. The presentation is in the afternoon and is free to the public.  For more information, application or interest in mentoring our students please check out our website.

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