New Pre-apprenticeship Programs

We have some schools taking on a pre-apprenticeship program at their school (N. Marion, Willamina, Jefferson and Cascade so far).

A pre-apprenticeship program mirrors very closely what we all do anyway in our programs of study, so it could be a good fit for many of us.  Kids who participate in a pre-apprenticeship program are well prepared to apply for an apprenticeship program once they turn 18.

One component of the program is a CCN class called Trade Skills Fundamentals (APR101) in which students can earn 4 college credits.  Let Marlene or Bruce know if you would like to teach the class and they can help you get signed up.

Below you will find a power point describing the program.  You can personalize it for your school and show it to students, parents, administrators, your family, whoever you want.  Also listed below is a pre-apprenticeship student checklist and the Trade Skills Fundamentals course outline.   Contact me if you want to hear more.  ~Sheila

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